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INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL, a monthly television series, brings progressive grassroots organizing, going on in your backyard, to a national television audience.

Each program covers actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address critical issues like air and water pollution, reproductive rights, homelessness, for-profit prisons, sweatshops, racism, police brutality, indigenous struggles, and more.

Information about how to contribute to Newsreal.

Here's how you can watch Newsreal.

* Watch Newsreal on Free Speech TV
* See Newsreal at a local screening
* View/Download Newsreal programs on the web
* Purchase a subscription to get monthly DVD copies of Newsreal

Here's a special message about Indymedia Newsreal:

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But don't just watch.
Get involved.

You're also encouraged to become a NEWSREAL producer, and/or host a NEWSREAL screening in your home town.

NEWSREAL's goals are to embolden the global movement for social, environmental, and economic justice, strengthen non-corporate communication networks, and to encourage authentic participatory democracy, one community at a time.

Use this site to find listings for NEWSREAL satellite, cable and internet broadcasts, screening venues, posters and other promotional materials and information on how you can get a free satellite dish and receiver to downlink NEWSREAL.

Please join the effort, and let us know what you think:

last modified on May 2008

"information is
the currency
of democracy."
- Thomas Jefferson

In the latest edition of his groundbreaking book THE MEDIA MONOPOLY (Beacon Press, 2000), Ben Bagdikian reports that six multi-national conglomerates now dominate all media in the U.S. INDYMEDIA NEWSREAL hopes to turn the current TV info-tainment paradigm on its head.

On NEWSREAL, people -- not corporations -- make the news.

Click here to find showtimes for Newsreal on Free Speech TV.

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